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Restaurant Food VS. Fast Food

You’ve won a match, aced your exam, or successfully flirted with a girl and now you want to ask her on a date and impress her with your fantastic Paleo Cooking abilities?
In most of these cases, inviting her over to your place might seem too soon, so instead, you find yourself taking her to a nice vibrant restaurant where the environment is wonderful, and so is the food, Right? That’s what we all think. That’s what we all do. Restaurant food with great atmosphere prepared and delivered to your table while kicking back and relaxing with friends? Yes, but unfortunately, let me be straight here. It’s not that way. Studies show that restaurants food is equally unhealthy as junk food. Here’s how and why.

Is there a difference  between Restaurant food and Fast Food?

According to a survey done by National Health and Nutrition Examination. 20,000 people were questioned about what they ate in the last few days. About a third of participants ate fast food on one or both days, and one quarter ate full-service restaurant food on at least one day. Now when the results came out. It was noticed that compared to those who ate food they prepared at home, those who frequented fast food joints consumed an average of 190 more calories per day, 11 grams more fat, 3.5 g more saturated fat, 10 mg extra cholesterol, and 300 mg additional sodium. Not that ridiculously shocking, since, I mean, we all know that it’s fast food, this was bound to happen. But what totally takes our breathe out is the fact that those who ate at full-service restaurants consumed about 187 more calories, 10 more grams of fat, 2.5 g more saturated fat, almost 60 mg more cholesterol, and over 400 mg more sodium compared to the eat-at-home participants. Well, if you ask me, there’s not much of a difference.

Restaurant Food VS. Home-Made food

See, the thing is. We all think that there’s a Safe and healthy standard maintained in restaurants. But actually, there’s no such thing plus people who are extremely obese become more obese because they’re unaware of the nutritional content in the food which leads to overeating. When we prepare our own meals we know exactly what the foods we are eating contain. When dining out, we are leaving the ingredients to the chef or fast food chain. All of this ultimately leads to problems for us!new300x250newoneSo, to all the proud restaurant food eaters out there. The words of wisdom would be to prepare and eat food at home. The best way to go. Even if you’re making high calorie dishes, at least you know what you added and what you ate. But Of course, you need to enjoy and there’s no harm in going out once in a week for a change but being mild and moderate is the key!