Most Attractive Male Partner Traits




7. Share the same kind of humor

This is very important!  People are more attractive when they are laugihng.
If you’re very sarcastic, your man must understand your sarcasm.
If you’re into slapstick humor, it’s important to be with a person who appreciates silliness as well.
That way, you can enjoy the same jokes, movies and shows.


6. Calling you out. Yes, that’s attractive

Calling You Out



You can’t grow if you don’t own up to areas in which you could use improvement, and someone who really loves you will help you be your best self by letting you know when you’re being irrational, unreasonable or unfair. This doesn’t make them critical, but caring enough to be honest with you.

5. Being Cool as a Cucumber

Calm men and women, who don’t react to obstacles by punching walls or swear, have a good hold on their temper and are unlikely to lash out at you when trouble strikes.

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