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Most Attractive Male Partner Traits

We have always wondered how it would be to have a partner who is sensationally good looking with a drop down attractive personality, tall and charismatic in nature and of-course, how to make him desire you. In this article, we have gathered some underrated characteristics that are essentially more valuable than the clichéd,

and you men should know it too! or you can try this approach.

Most Attractive Male Partner Traits

9. Sharing is not just caring  Sharing is Attractive

They’ll let you take bites of their meals at restaurants and home because food tastes so much better when the person you love can enjoy it as well.



8. Willingness to watch shows and Movies you love

Maybe he’s not a huge fan of Gossip Girl or Grey’s Anatomy, but he’ll sit with you for an episode or two if you’re in charge of the TV remote.

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